Digital Transformation. Shaping our Digital Ambitions

This is the second webinar for digital transformation within the environment sector, scheduled April 21st 2021, and focused on building resources and identifying the key areas for collaboration.

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Event briefing

UPDATE recording of the event available now on YouTube



This event was jointly hosted by NatureScot and the Scottish Wildlife Trust to support discussion between senior leaders within the environment sector on the opportunities for collaboration and development of the digital transformation agenda.

Aims and outcomes



Digital Transformation. Shaping our Digital Ambitions

  1. Welcome and Introduction to event – Jane Macdonald, NatureScot (5 mins)

  2. "Helping to deliver the new SG digital strategy" - Philip Whitley, Scottish Government (15 mins)
  3. Opportunity for initial questions (5 mins)
  4. Introduction to Digital Resource 'wheel' explorer – Ruchir Shah, Scottish Wildlife Trust (5mins)
  5. NatureScot innovation programme – use of Nesta Spiral of innovation, innovation enablers, innovation portfolio – Philippa Vigano, NatureScot (10mins)
  6. Breakout small group discussions - Use of Menti board to collect ideas on future opportunities for collaboration projects and topics for future workshops. (20 mins)
  7. Feedback and review of proposed ideas and topics (15 mins)
  8. Update on planned communications and next steps – Ruchir/Philippa (5mins)
  9. Thank you and close - Jane

Discussion questions:

End (1 hr 20 mins)